Sun Song Native American Style Drums & Shamanic Reiki 

Drum Making Classes, Shamanic Reiki, and more. Shaman Card Reader, Medium Talking to Loved Ones, Home Parties, Drumming Circles, and more. 

Now Doing Drum Making Classes at Davison Holistic 921 N. State Rd. Davison, Mi 48423
If you're in our area we can even come to you.

Study Shamanic Arts, Native American Style Drum Making and Drums 100% Handmade For Sale and Customized ,  the Arts of Shamanic Healing, Skill of Soul Retrieval, Travel into the Shamanic World and talk to the Ancestors including your own, Balancing Journey Songs (Chakra's), Specialized Drum Making & Blessing Classes,  House Blessings and Clearings, Credit of Certification by Earth Thunder Teacher and Mentor.

Video's I selected from My Walk of Faith & Love, gotten from Youtube.  And the Angels want us to Discover a New World of Grace, True Love, Knowledge, and Being...  This has come to Enlighten Our World, Our Works, Our Lives. Namaste...

I Accept PayPal and  PayAnyWhere  (Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express) , and Cash.. Thank you... 

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