Reverend Ed Robertson & Native Shamanic Studies, Native American Style Drums, Intuitive Teachings and Mentorship, Also Teaching the Shamanic Arts Through Apprenticeship, Many  Types of Healings, and much more! 

Reverend Ed Robertson (given Native American Name by Spiritual Teacher Earth Thunder), his Native Spirit is SUN SONG...
  • Energy Healing, Reiki Healer, Reader, Certified in Shamanic Arts Healer, Soul Retrieval, Clearing (Chakras), & Beliefs Rooted in Ancestral Ways & Arts.
  • Intuitive Ancestral Card Reader, Reading Past, Present, Future, Intuitive Empathic Abilities, Soul Self Interpreter, & Soul Retrieval, Past Life Regressions, House Clearings & Blessings , Reaching Your Loved Ones & Spirit Guides, Knowledgeable on Relationship Health & Healing, & Gifts Seriously Practiced & Honored. I am a Native American Style Drum Maker and Teacher. My class for making your own drum is a Spiritual and Native American Walking the Red Road one of a kind experience. Classes for Drum Making experience are 3-5 Hours in length as you will be given the Spiritual Teaching and Aspects behind the making, caring for, a lesson of drum healing, meditation and much more. 
If you want answers to questions I will do my best under the directions of my guides, intuitive tools, words from our Great Ancestors, & Creators. I am an avid Native American Cultural Student Studying Lifelong in Shamanic ways. I have family connections & background in family of Cherokee Family Nation, & Ancestors that are my Guides from Beyond. Want to know your Spirit Animal perhaps we can find out together.
Over the years of experiencing & gathering knowledge I have acquired great people skills & empathy for my clients, in service to strongly adherence of ethics of my gifts & crafts of my spiritual beliefs. Believing in reputation of knowledge & skills gathered always means DO NO HARM TO ANYONE!
I believe in daily meditation, spiritual guidance, & I remind you that this or any reading is subject to your interpretations & actions, & all other factors of universal laws. This is Never meant to replace anyone's own judgements, intuition, or beliefs; merely to guide your heart & mind to your own true desires & destinies.
Contact information: [email protected]
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Video's I selected from My Walk of Faith & Love, gotten from Youtube.  And the Angels want us to Discover a New World of Grace, True Love, Knowledge, and Being...  This has come to Enlighten Our World, Our Works, Our Lives. Namaste...

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