Reiki Is Energy at it's High Good & Form

Reiki is a form of Energy Healing that we all have & can use. It is Universal Energies to heal: Pysically, Mentally, & Spiritually. You Attune to Reiki Principles & way of Life. Reiki has been around for over 3000 years. Classes have sprug up everywhere for Reiki & are now becoming prolific throughout the United States & around the world. 

Reiki can be done through Message Healing Practioners, or Even sent long distances. 
Reiki is not held of bound by the boudaries of time, space of distances. 

Discovering the Roots of Reiki

By William Lee Rand and Laurelle Shanti Gaia

As teachers and practitioners of Reiki we have enjoyed sharing the "traditional" story of the history of Reiki as taught in the West. However, this story has never felt complete to us and this feeling has been expressed by many others as well. Important information seemed to be missing and parts of the story didn't seem to fit. Some of the "facts" have been investigated, and found to be untrue and much has been unverified.

The information about Dr. Usui, or Usui Sensei as he is called by Reiki students in Japan, has been so limited and myth-like in the West that some people have wondered if he ever really existed. This has made it difficult to feel connected to him and the roots of the system he created.

Last year we published an article on the "Original Reiki Ideals" which revealed a more authentic version of what we had been given in the West. Since then additional information has been uncovered. The most interesting and verifiable of this new information is from Frank Arjava Petter and his new book, "Reiki Fire." Arjava was one of the first Western Reiki masters to teach other masters in Japan starting in 1993.

With the help of his Japanese wife, Chetna and Shizuko Akimoto, a Japanese Reiki master, Arjava contacted a number of important sources of information concerning the history of Reiki. Included were several people who learned Reiki from some of Usui Sensei's early teachers, namely a Mr. Oishi and a Mr. Fumio Ogawa.

Arjava also spoke to members of Usui Sensei's family and members of the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai, which is the original Reiki organization started by Usui Sensei in Tokyo. From these contacts he filled in some missing information on the history of Reiki and discovered other valuable facts. This information provides more accurate insight into who Usui Sensei was, what motivated him to rediscover Reiki and how he and his students practiced.

After reading Arjava's book, we were interested in knowing more and e-mailed him with many questions. He answered our questions and invited us to Japan to visit the sacred sites and discuss the implications of this new information. We gladly accepted and flew to Japan the second week of September.

Many synchronistic events occurred in connection with our trip to Japan starting with someone faxing us important pages from Arjava's book. After our trip was scheduled, we met people who lived in Japan who offered to act as additional guides. One such person, Yuki Yamamoto, flew from Osaka, Japan to the Center to attend a Karuna Reikir class, but knew nothing about our planned trip. Osaka is close to Mt. Kurama and Yuki had been there many times. When he found out about our planned trip, he offered to join us at Mt. Kurama with his car and be our guide.

Just two weeks after meeting on the internet, Friedemann, who lives in Japan came to the University of Kentucky on business, and visited Laura at her Healing Center in Kentucky to exchange Reiki sessions. At this time we had not planned our trip to Japan. It turned out that Friedemann lives only 10 minutes from where Arjava lives in Japan and also offered to help us at Mt. Kurama! So, without seeking it, we had several extra guides that proved to be very helpful! We feel these things happened as a result of our daily Reiki practice during which we invite the energy to guide every aspect of our lives.

Mt. Kurama - Where Reiki was Rediscovered

According to literature at the Mt. Kurama temple, in 770 A.D. a priest named Gantei climbed Mount Kurama, led by a white horse. His soul was enlightened with the realization of Bishamon-ten, the protector of the northern quarter of the Buddhist heaven and the spirit of the sun. Gantei founded the Buddhist temple on Mt. Kurama which went through many stages of development and restoration and now contains many temples and pagodas. The temple was formerly part of the Tendai sect of Buddhism. Since 1949, it has been part of the newly founded Kurama-Kokyo sect of Buddhism.

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