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Crystals & Methods of Selection & Types

Crystal choise isn't an exact science it is more of a need or intuitive feeling. When chosing Crystals be sure that you are getting the right one to manifest the need that you are looking for. Crystal have been around Millions of years, they retain the memories, energy, & events of those years. It is very important that you Cleasne & Charge your Crystals after getting them. There are many different methods of doing this, but be aware of the hardness of your Crystal & be sure to use the right method! My favorite books on Crystals are: Judy Halls "Crystal Bibles", & "The Book of Stones" (who they are & what they teach us) by Robert Simmons & Naishha Ahsian.

Hematite is the Major Protection Stone (everyone should have one) , Amethyst Pyschic Enhancement & more, Citrine encourages drive for new experiences, Another stone of protecion is Black Tourmaline is a great grounding stone. Grounding is of utmost importance, it keeps up on an even path, rules out self ego, & protects our spirit. 

Selenanite is a vibrational stone that cleanses & charges other stones; brings clarity of mind & awareness. Rose quartz is a healing stone, & stone of giving Love. 

Celestite encourages & validates commincations with our Angels & Guides. Angel Aura Quartz upliftment, peace, serenity, expanded awareness. These are only the tip of Crystal that I own and use. Crystal come in natural, polished, shaped, figures, pedulums; and so on. I have some pryamid, eggs, orbs, wands, pendulums, charms, colums, and so forth. Your Crystals should be as Unique as you are, & fit your needs. Namaste

Hematite: Stone of Grounding & Protection. Disolves Negativity, Balances Ying/Yang, Enhances Mental Alterness & Energies. Root Chakara

Jet: Protection, Stability, Awakening Kundalini. 

Obsidian: Excellent for Grounding & Protection, Wards off Negativity, Helps you make Positive Changes to Enhance Life. 

All these stone are root chakara, all are some variation of black color, power of these stones all runs along same areas. In choosing your Protection & Grounding Stone you may want to use one or all of them, choose your stones carefully with love & respect. Namaste


Crystal Properties: 
     There are many shapes, types, & purposes for uses of crystals. Some bring Psychic Knowledge, Some Mental & Psychical Healing, others bring Protection. 
     There are Common & Rare Crystals. I suggest you get a Crysal Knowledge Book for your own reference as to what may be best for you. 
    There are Some that are even way more Powerful that others. Some that Cleanse, a good cleansing cystal to have is Selanite! Selanite cleanses & Charges other Crystals. 
You will always want to cleanse & charge your cystals are you aquire them, they may carry some left over energy of a negative matter. Hibiscus Moon on YouTube is a great one for give the latest information on Crystals. Cystals balance you, your Aura, help with sleep issues & tons more. I never go to a Pyschic Fair without my protection Hematite necklace on. 

Cleansing & Charging Crystals: This is Extremely Important

A link:

These are just a couple suggestions, be aware that there are many out the and choose right one for you & your crystals. 

One of the Utmost ways of charging & cleansing your Crystals is by direct full moonlight! 

These links & videos are intended to dispell myths & assist in answering questions.
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