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Native American Shamanic Style Soul Retival


Mystical Journey to Retrieve Fragments of Your Soul that have been Lost from Trauma of Psychological, Mental, Emotional, or Physical Traumas; Loss of Some Significant in Our Lives. This has been said by many to be described as a Soul Loss, a Spiritual Illness that can cause emotional and physical diseases. Losing critical parts of ourselves can leave us feeling lost in life, losing vitality & desire to our wellbeing and happiness. Left unattended this can add up and weigh up on us, causing the other aliments, desires, lack of feeling wholly integrated within everyday life. It can set us up for feeling we're on an emotional roller coaster, bring physical ailments. we face a daily battle with our emotional health as well. Soul Loss and need for reintegration of our lost fragments can occur at any age. The sooner and more frequently the Soul Retrievals are done when one first begins to feel the trauma or difficulties the better and easier to move on. Soul Retrievals can take anywhere from 30 minutes up to an hour or more. It uses the Practice of Piko Piko or another light visualization/energy with practice of Self Love and Self Healing. Should you want to know anymore please feel free to ask.

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Video's I selected from My Walk of Faith & Love, gotten from Youtube.  And the Angels want us to Discover a New World of Grace, True Love, Knowledge, and Being...  This has come to Enlighten Our World, Our Works, Our Lives. Namaste...

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