Spritualism 101 my Style

Posted by [email protected] on May 28, 2014 at 6:25 PM Ok I will give U my view of God & my thoughts of the world! First I believe Jesus died for our sins, & God is our Heavenly Father; but Mankind has corrupted, distorted, & even defamed some of all that! God or whomever one chooses to believe as our creator is Loving, Kind, & Wise; he gave us all free will... He is not standing over us to punish us, mankind does more than enough of this themselves!!! The Bible has been written & translated 1000's upon 1000's of times in many languages; things have been added & omitted! This is purely man’s doing... I believe in reincarnation, it was stricken from the Bible by Old Roman Catholic Church. So I let God, his Angels, my Guides tell me the true messages! I believe in some of the Bible not all; & truly it is mankind's history of destruction towards one another.... There are new artifacts to the Bible being found still today... I believe God, his Angels, & our Guides are as POWERFUL TODAY AS IN THE BEGINNING OF CREATION!

God gives us Gifts out of Love, Wisdom, Knowledge, & a Caring Beloved Parents Heart that wants us to thrive in Love, Peace, Unity, Lack of Judgmental Preconceived Prejudices, & more! We will return until our Karmic Lessons have been learned & we have completed our Mission to ourselves & mankind. I have had more judgment from so called loving Christians that have never walked one day in my shoes... I try my best not to judge for my belief it begets Karmic Retributions... When I have come to a judgments conclusion it is with looking of forethought of all sides! When I don't understand I pray, I meditate, I ask for guidance & understanding! Bad things happen in this world because we are given FREE WILL & POWER OVER OURSELVES; & many times weaker one become victims of more powerful, deceptive, or truly unkind lost souls that will reap their own destinies as they sow them!

All my life I have been different, I ran & hid from that difference; now I acknowledge the Gifts, Knowledge, & Light I am given! I am Psychic, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsythian; & a Medium... I am here to help others who come to me, I in turn trap into I believe are my God given gifts to help others! I relay information from the Heavens to the earth & people... I don't CARE WHO CALLS ME CRAZY OR JUDGES ME AS WRONG... I am secure in my Heart & Knowing I am RIGHT at least for myself & whomever God gives me power to help! I do not push, pull, or Chase people if we are meant to connect we will... If I am meant to give a message it will be, once I tried being in groups & false things came to be around me so I left, & I now choose to stand securely in knowing where I am!

I am also very open minded enough to believe the Universe is so Infinite that we are neither the only humans nor perhaps intelligence in this vast Universe! I believe we have been visited by some of these beings; it is in the Pyramids’, Easter Island, Stone Hinge, Atlantis; & other miracles that cannot be scientifically explained? So this is me I choose my Beliefs, my Walk, my Karma, my Path of Destiny, & my Birth Right to Brave Trust God, My Angels, & my Guides! We all have freedom of choice, but never freedom of our actions & reactions! But whatever that is it will not ever touch my soul in anything but a positive way of light for I can always learn from others as I hope & we can all learn from one another. Namaste


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