What to Expect froma Pyschic, Medium, or Inutitive Reader

Posted by [email protected] on April 4, 2014 at 11:30 AM

Dear Friends,

We are all Leary of the unknown; psychics are no different than you are! We are not great mystics of the universe with all the answers. We are simply in touch with you spirituality, our Angels, our guides, & our faith in our creator. We should not be given your life story, because a true clairvoyant should be able to give you that information without allot of fishing & being given the answers. We have Angels and Guides that give us the answers when we are willing, and when it is in the Clients best interest to hear them. If you are in turmoil and seeking 100% of your answer from us then well all we can say is we are not built that way. Besides something’s we must learn for ourselves in better order of the lessons that come from this.

Mediums should be able to come up with enough information that you feel as if it is truly yours. They may be able to feel the passed on person, hear them, and see them. Or whatever means that is fit and appropriate for the correct messages. When connected to the other side they cannot answer all your questions, only what spirit gives them. Sometime spirit gives us things clients do not want to hear and we must learn to tread lightly, carefully, and respectfully! It is unexplored territory for your reader and yourself they will never know how you will perceive or take anything, so there must be a delicate balance of trust between you.

If you find or go to a psychic that wants you to give them most or all of the answers, run like the wind, if you instincts are telling you this isn't right, it mostly like isn't; and if you go to a reader that is so full of themselves with EGO really run because that is not the right one for you! More than likely you can feel it with your heart and soul and know what is right and when it is totally gone wrong. Some readers may not like me for what I say and stand up for but we are in service to you, to our Creator (God) or your choice of deity, the Angels, Arch Angels, and Guides. If you feel your reading went totally off base ask for a refund! I wish you all the best on your journey and tell you this is not an Ego thing, nor a Competition; but an honest true reader is here to assist you to get in life the best place you can be at any given time. Namaste and Many Blessings my Dear Friends


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