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Dear Friends,

I have heard many of you with your own gifts say I could never do what you do, I say you are just as wise and capable as I am. Angels do not discriminate of whom they give messages or insights to, and neither does our creator. All it takes is Belief in one’s Creator, Angels, Guides, and yourself. It is a bond of trust and a knowing that as long as you hold true to these principles we are safe in the trust of them. It is a waste if we have gifts and are too fearful to use them. Can we not open up to a new Universe of Wisdom, Learning of Trust, and Freedom of our Gifts; as well as just expanding our own world and sharing of gifts with our brothers and sisters.

Angels are never discriminatory with their wisdom, nor judgmental; but loving and giving. All or Guides & Angels have been with us all our lives, accept for the one that are related that have passed or as friends who may have passed and are now with us. We were given them out of Love and specific reasons. So ask yourself not if you think your smart enough or good enough; but if you can listen and obey enough. Our Creator (God) or whomever you chose wants everyone to have, Love, Purpose, Direction, Faith, Harmony, and much more. Namaste


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