Religion VS Spirituality

Posted by [email protected] on March 1, 2014 at 7:55 PM


Hello Friends,

In Response to a good friends statement about Religion causing Fear & Prejudice... I am not trying to be harsh but 2 me there are those who follow only religious teachings & walk around with closed minds & hearts; & then there are those who spiritually Loving & Open Minded... I am Spiritual not Religious, & I live by my convictions. We do not need another person to tell us who, how, or what to worship; they are mere mortals not capable of winning the wars within themselves let alone telling others. I need no building, temple, or place to worship; I do so in my Heart 24/7! You bet religious people to me are mindless sheep or drones just following what others say or do or tell them they must... Spiritual people live their beliefs in their hearts with an open mind! I am spiritual in nature & forever seeking to improve myself & follow Gods path for me; however there are many wonderful things in all religions, the Great Saints, Accented Masters, Buddha, Mother Theresa, Dahlia Lama, & more! If we are not open minded we are not learning most are not forgiving, not open to the greater gifts & resources. We are here to Learn, Lead, and Love, Show the Light & then Follow...There is no room for Prejudice, Condemnation, or Unjust Judgments of our Fellow Humans.. Encircle yourselves with True Spiritual Love; it will never lead you wrong. Namaste



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