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Posted by [email protected] on February 26, 2014 at 9:40 PM

Well this past weekend was full of many great readings, surprises, & blessing..

Angels were on point, & giving clients what they needed! It never ceases to amaze

Me how clear of details they can give. One young lady that lost her brother was told

He would send her loving signs through nature (then I kept hearing & seeing a big grasshopper)

Upon which I relayed this to her, she laughed & said he put them in her room & bed! Wow, what

Clear confirmation from him & the Angels...

Many of you are becoming more than clients, you are friends! I am so excited to hear your things that

Have happened & been confirmed, it makes my heart full of joy & gratitude to the Angels & our Creator God.

I say I am not a religious person but a very Spiritual one! To me there is a huge difference, I want to live my

Spirituality to the fullest of Grace I am given! I am an Angel Card Reader, Intuitive, & Empathy...

I see, feel, & hearing things; & some I intuitively just get a knowing. God, his Angels, & Guides are no

We are not Less Powerful now than they have been throughout the ages of mankind. He wants us happy & enlightened

To Live Our Fullest & Best life; & to be a Light unto others with compassion & love one another. I thank you all

Thank You for joining me on this Journey. To those I've met I hope to see you again, & those yet to meet I hope. Namaste



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