Between Life & Death

Posted by [email protected] on May 26, 2017 at 10:50 AM

Dear Loved Ones, Friends, People on the Big Beautiful Planet,

           So a couple of weeks ago I was home resting up from an Amazing Vacation Cruise, it was all so amazing & wonderful except the airports. In the airports we had last minute cancelations & many long delays; due to all of this I developed a Life Theatening Blood Clot!

        Well this land me in the ER & then quickly admited to the hospital for surgery, one surgery turned into two because my Blood Clot was from my groin to my foot! It was Life Theatening &;  I became very aware that I was hang by a Thread of Life & Death!

           So began my journey into knowing what the most important things in my Life are, & I definately fought with all my Heart & Soul to Live! I was in the ICU for about 3-4 days, and hopitalized a week. So here is the Scary Truth, during the secound surgery a clot came lose & I heard the Dr say something to the Intern something about hurry and get the clot that was lose! A lose clot can and will travel to our Heart, Lungs, and other parts of the body and can quickly become Life or Death in a matter of minutes.

     As I lay there on that OR Table in only what they call twilight sleep, I heard this conversation, I pulled my Oxygen mask off to say what I believe could be my last words. Suddenly I could not hear the surgical team & what I heard blew me away & will you as well; it was my brother in laws voice from the otherside! Jimmie said: Hey Judy Jude Jude what do you think you're doing, put that mask on & lay down; we aren't ready for you up here yet & your not going anywhere! So I put my oxygen mask on & had the most peaceful & blessed feeling I've ever had in my Life! I forgot to mention that day that I almost died was 2 years to the exact day of Jimmie's crossing over to Heaven! How's the for sincornicities, & then on the way back from surgery to ICU I heard my mother for the 1st time since she passed, & she simply told me to rest!

        I began to be so Thankful to be Alive, the Joy Swell Into my Heart & Soul like none other! Suddenly I realized this was a Great Awakenig for Me. I had a Grateful Heart Full of Peace & Love; I know there is a greater plan for me in the Future... I want everyone to know without a doubt there is Life after Death but don't wait for a near death experience to wake up and join the human race, find your Love, Passion, Joy, Faith, Happiness & Everything Now! We are all given the Gift or Life & not to many get second & third chances!!!! My Bliss is Now Cherishing every moment of Life, the good, bad, & even the totally unpleasant; the changing of oneself & world is a job from the inside out, trust me it can & will Rock & Change Your World Forever! May you all be Blessed with a Long & Happy Life, Enjoy Every Moment, Find the People & Things Meaningfull for you... Don't wait do it right now, there's no better time to Begin Living... Namaste, Judy Angels Light

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