Hard times to be an Earth Angel

Posted by [email protected] on March 26, 2014 at 1:35 AM

Dear Friends,

Sometimes we make an honest mistake in interpretations, but at times that is all it takes to bring our delicate balance down... Life as an Earth Angel, Empathic, Angel Card Reader, & Medium has brought me into new & uncharted waters... Sometimes I feel as if I can rise above them as if Angels were holding me in their hands like a boat, still other times being tossed around by the mercies of the waves; & still more at times filled with sparrow that sinks me to the bottom as if to drown me! It happens we cannot avoid it 100%; we are after all human here on earth. Then at times fear sets in & we feel like pulling our hearts, minds, & souls into our somewhat protective shells! I cannot define or empathize with anything or anyone I am not! I carry my heart & soul around in a basket & all can see it... This makes me vulnerable & sometimes deeply hurt! I will not resolve myself to give in or give up but call upon my guides & angels to pull me up out of the depths of despair I sometimes feel... I cannot be everything to everyone, nor can I guard myself or give free of myself in some difficult times! My heart cries out to our creator for more understanding & compassion... We are all God’s children, why must we be hurt or hurt others? One never knows until you are there in the middle of it... Asking this, Arch Angel Michael, & Arch Angel Raphael please help me to live as I am supposed to, to be all I can or will be; & not to fearfully walk away when I feel hurt or threaten. Amen & Namaste...


My friends take it to heart that you are not alone; we all go through this human path!


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