Awakening Our Spirituality

Posted by [email protected] on March 12, 2014 at 4:00 PM

Dear Friends,

In Life we are on a Journey, we signed up for this when our spirits came to earth in our now Spiritual Soul Bodies. In the Universal World we had no challenges, boundaries, or lessons that must be attended to but here on Earth we do. As we choose to come here for whatever reasons we are to discover there was a template & agreement made before we arrived. We often wonder what, where, when, & why we are here for; when we fail to live up to that agreement we are often given lessons to bring us back to our basic path. Basic Path meaning it can be subject to how we react to things here on a daily basis. We can take the positive road (which may or may not be easy); or we can take the negative road which we will find uncomfortable lessons that can make us feel the darkness that surrounds us. Therefore as Human forms of free will & free spirit we are subject to our own choices.

We can ask our Guides & Angels for assistance of merely believe we have our own best interest. Angels may never interfere in our lives uninvited; therefore we must ask & not expect them for help! Guides also only come as we call upon them. If you wish to know your Angels & Guides names the most direct way is to simply set in a quite meditative state of being, ask who are my guides & angels. The first name that comes to your mind will be one of them. Then continue to deliberately ask, is there any other guides or angels with me? Some of us have a couple, others a few, and still others many. Angels & Guides are a gift from our creator (God or whomever you so choose); they are tools to help us meet the goals & path that was set into motion before we came here for our Human Learning, Teaching, Skills, & Tasks... They make it so much easier for us to illuminate our journey and to show others the way as well..

We cannot awaken to our Spiritual Journey without first having Faith in our creator, secondly Faith in ourselves, & lastly Faith in our Guides & Angels. When we question ourselves we are letting our creator down, as well as ourselves & many countless others on our spiritual path. Who are we to have such enormous egos as to proclaim to know everything about ourselves or another living soul? It borders on the obscene blasphemy that we presume to control everything & everyone around us. Give no other human being control over your spirit for this very reason. None of us have the right to set in judgments of another soul, even ourselves; finally judgments are up to our creator. Our (God) or Creator is a Loving, Omnipotent, Ever Present, All Seeing, All Knowing, Universal Being of the Highest Good to Mankind. Walk through life with the humbleness of heart that these things are true & we are all here equal & your life mission with be in whole sum almost completed. We are brothers & sisters of our Earth & one another. We are Teachers, Students, Wisdom Seekers, Spiritually Born Leaders of True Faith & Enlightenment; the basic of Life’s most necessary joint tasks of Love. Soul Travelers, some have been here before, some are new souls, and some are even re-encartions of Ascended Masters to continue their teachings. Whatever the case may be you are a Miracle of Being, so Spiritually Attune to that Higher Power, & you’re Life Lessons that are Calling.. Namaste



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