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Between Life & Death

Posted by [email protected] on May 26, 2017 at 10:50 AM Comments comments (6)

Dear Loved Ones, Friends, People on the Big Beautiful Planet,

           So a couple of weeks ago I was home resting up from an Amazing Vacation Cruise, it was all so amazing & wonderful except the airports. In the airports we had last minute cancelations & many long delays; due to all of this I developed a Life Theatening Blood Clot!

        Well this land me in the ER & then quickly admited to the hospital for surgery, one surgery turned into two because my Blood Clot was from my groin to my foot! It was Life Theatening &;  I became very aware that I was hang by a Thread of Life & Death!

           So began my journey into knowing what the most important things in my Life are, & I definately fought with all my Heart & Soul to Live! I was in the ICU for about 3-4 days, and hopitalized a week. So here is the Scary Truth, during the secound surgery a clot came lose & I heard the Dr say something to the Intern something about hurry and get the clot that was lose! A lose clot can and will travel to our Heart, Lungs, and other parts of the body and can quickly become Life or Death in a matter of minutes.

     As I lay there on that OR Table in only what they call twilight sleep, I heard this conversation, I pulled my Oxygen mask off to say what I believe could be my last words. Suddenly I could not hear the surgical team & what I heard blew me away & will you as well; it was my brother in laws voice from the otherside! Jimmie said: Hey Judy Jude Jude what do you think you're doing, put that mask on & lay down; we aren't ready for you up here yet & your not going anywhere! So I put my oxygen mask on & had the most peaceful & blessed feeling I've ever had in my Life! I forgot to mention that day that I almost died was 2 years to the exact day of Jimmie's crossing over to Heaven! How's the for sincornicities, & then on the way back from surgery to ICU I heard my mother for the 1st time since she passed, & she simply told me to rest!

        I began to be so Thankful to be Alive, the Joy Swell Into my Heart & Soul like none other! Suddenly I realized this was a Great Awakenig for Me. I had a Grateful Heart Full of Peace & Love; I know there is a greater plan for me in the Future... I want everyone to know without a doubt there is Life after Death but don't wait for a near death experience to wake up and join the human race, find your Love, Passion, Joy, Faith, Happiness & Everything Now! We are all given the Gift or Life & not to many get second & third chances!!!! My Bliss is Now Cherishing every moment of Life, the good, bad, & even the totally unpleasant; the changing of oneself & world is a job from the inside out, trust me it can & will Rock & Change Your World Forever! May you all be Blessed with a Long & Happy Life, Enjoy Every Moment, Find the People & Things Meaningfull for you... Don't wait do it right now, there's no better time to Begin Living... Namaste, Judy Angels Light

Discovery of New Earth Like Planet

Posted by [email protected] on June 4, 2014 at 8:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello Friends, 

I have always said we are NOT ALONE!  The Universe has conspired to show us this with a recent discovery. In God or Our Creators vast Universe whose to say we are the only Intelligent Life! What are your thoughts and feelings. Do you believe we can coexsist with other intelligent souls. Perhaps they are more intelligent, kinder, gentler souls than we here? What are your thoughts? Namaste 

b that we are not Universally alone! 

Ego Hold Us Back

Posted by [email protected] on May 28, 2014 at 7:15 PM Comments comments (1)

Dear Friends,

One day while communicating with my Angels in meditation I asked why can I sometimes freely feel you so strongly & other times Not? My answer was simple, straight to the point, truthful, & profound! It is your Ego, Self-doubt, Doubt of God, and Doubt of us your Angels. Ego makes us stagnant; it renders us almost useless, & totally ineffective. It holds us back from our True Life Purpose, From God's & our Angels Guidance... It is as if a heavy curtain that covers the stage of our lives that we are supposed to be in. It either helps us or gives us that proper insight we need to see & feel our path. So put the Ego aside, let it go, ask for assistance in getting past it if need be. Realize you are the finally Deciding factor in your life, not your ego...


Spritualism 101 my Style

Posted by [email protected] on May 28, 2014 at 6:25 PM Comments comments (2) Ok I will give U my view of God & my thoughts of the world! First I believe Jesus died for our sins, & God is our Heavenly Father; but Mankind has corrupted, distorted, & even defamed some of all that! God or whomever one chooses to believe as our creator is Loving, Kind, & Wise; he gave us all free will... He is not standing over us to punish us, mankind does more than enough of this themselves!!! The Bible has been written & translated 1000's upon 1000's of times in many languages; things have been added & omitted! This is purely man’s doing... I believe in reincarnation, it was stricken from the Bible by Old Roman Catholic Church. So I let God, his Angels, my Guides tell me the true messages! I believe in some of the Bible not all; & truly it is mankind's history of destruction towards one another.... There are new artifacts to the Bible being found still today... I believe God, his Angels, & our Guides are as POWERFUL TODAY AS IN THE BEGINNING OF CREATION!

God gives us Gifts out of Love, Wisdom, Knowledge, & a Caring Beloved Parents Heart that wants us to thrive in Love, Peace, Unity, Lack of Judgmental Preconceived Prejudices, & more! We will return until our Karmic Lessons have been learned & we have completed our Mission to ourselves & mankind. I have had more judgment from so called loving Christians that have never walked one day in my shoes... I try my best not to judge for my belief it begets Karmic Retributions... When I have come to a judgments conclusion it is with looking of forethought of all sides! When I don't understand I pray, I meditate, I ask for guidance & understanding! Bad things happen in this world because we are given FREE WILL & POWER OVER OURSELVES; & many times weaker one become victims of more powerful, deceptive, or truly unkind lost souls that will reap their own destinies as they sow them!

All my life I have been different, I ran & hid from that difference; now I acknowledge the Gifts, Knowledge, & Light I am given! I am Psychic, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsythian; & a Medium... I am here to help others who come to me, I in turn trap into I believe are my God given gifts to help others! I relay information from the Heavens to the earth & people... I don't CARE WHO CALLS ME CRAZY OR JUDGES ME AS WRONG... I am secure in my Heart & Knowing I am RIGHT at least for myself & whomever God gives me power to help! I do not push, pull, or Chase people if we are meant to connect we will... If I am meant to give a message it will be, once I tried being in groups & false things came to be around me so I left, & I now choose to stand securely in knowing where I am!

I am also very open minded enough to believe the Universe is so Infinite that we are neither the only humans nor perhaps intelligence in this vast Universe! I believe we have been visited by some of these beings; it is in the Pyramids’, Easter Island, Stone Hinge, Atlantis; & other miracles that cannot be scientifically explained? So this is me I choose my Beliefs, my Walk, my Karma, my Path of Destiny, & my Birth Right to Brave Trust God, My Angels, & my Guides! We all have freedom of choice, but never freedom of our actions & reactions! But whatever that is it will not ever touch my soul in anything but a positive way of light for I can always learn from others as I hope & we can all learn from one another. Namaste


What to Expect froma Pyschic, Medium, or Inutitive Reader

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Dear Friends,

We are all Leary of the unknown; psychics are no different than you are! We are not great mystics of the universe with all the answers. We are simply in touch with you spirituality, our Angels, our guides, & our faith in our creator. We should not be given your life story, because a true clairvoyant should be able to give you that information without allot of fishing & being given the answers. We have Angels and Guides that give us the answers when we are willing, and when it is in the Clients best interest to hear them. If you are in turmoil and seeking 100% of your answer from us then well all we can say is we are not built that way. Besides something’s we must learn for ourselves in better order of the lessons that come from this.

Mediums should be able to come up with enough information that you feel as if it is truly yours. They may be able to feel the passed on person, hear them, and see them. Or whatever means that is fit and appropriate for the correct messages. When connected to the other side they cannot answer all your questions, only what spirit gives them. Sometime spirit gives us things clients do not want to hear and we must learn to tread lightly, carefully, and respectfully! It is unexplored territory for your reader and yourself they will never know how you will perceive or take anything, so there must be a delicate balance of trust between you.

If you find or go to a psychic that wants you to give them most or all of the answers, run like the wind, if you instincts are telling you this isn't right, it mostly like isn't; and if you go to a reader that is so full of themselves with EGO really run because that is not the right one for you! More than likely you can feel it with your heart and soul and know what is right and when it is totally gone wrong. Some readers may not like me for what I say and stand up for but we are in service to you, to our Creator (God) or your choice of deity, the Angels, Arch Angels, and Guides. If you feel your reading went totally off base ask for a refund! I wish you all the best on your journey and tell you this is not an Ego thing, nor a Competition; but an honest true reader is here to assist you to get in life the best place you can be at any given time. Namaste and Many Blessings my Dear Friends


Hard times to be an Earth Angel

Posted by [email protected] on March 26, 2014 at 1:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Dear Friends,

Sometimes we make an honest mistake in interpretations, but at times that is all it takes to bring our delicate balance down... Life as an Earth Angel, Empathic, Angel Card Reader, & Medium has brought me into new & uncharted waters... Sometimes I feel as if I can rise above them as if Angels were holding me in their hands like a boat, still other times being tossed around by the mercies of the waves; & still more at times filled with sparrow that sinks me to the bottom as if to drown me! It happens we cannot avoid it 100%; we are after all human here on earth. Then at times fear sets in & we feel like pulling our hearts, minds, & souls into our somewhat protective shells! I cannot define or empathize with anything or anyone I am not! I carry my heart & soul around in a basket & all can see it... This makes me vulnerable & sometimes deeply hurt! I will not resolve myself to give in or give up but call upon my guides & angels to pull me up out of the depths of despair I sometimes feel... I cannot be everything to everyone, nor can I guard myself or give free of myself in some difficult times! My heart cries out to our creator for more understanding & compassion... We are all God’s children, why must we be hurt or hurt others? One never knows until you are there in the middle of it... Asking this, Arch Angel Michael, & Arch Angel Raphael please help me to live as I am supposed to, to be all I can or will be; & not to fearfully walk away when I feel hurt or threaten. Amen & Namaste...


My friends take it to heart that you are not alone; we all go through this human path!



Posted by [email protected] on March 17, 2014 at 6:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Dear Friends,

I have heard many of you with your own gifts say I could never do what you do, I say you are just as wise and capable as I am. Angels do not discriminate of whom they give messages or insights to, and neither does our creator. All it takes is Belief in one’s Creator, Angels, Guides, and yourself. It is a bond of trust and a knowing that as long as you hold true to these principles we are safe in the trust of them. It is a waste if we have gifts and are too fearful to use them. Can we not open up to a new Universe of Wisdom, Learning of Trust, and Freedom of our Gifts; as well as just expanding our own world and sharing of gifts with our brothers and sisters.

Angels are never discriminatory with their wisdom, nor judgmental; but loving and giving. All or Guides & Angels have been with us all our lives, accept for the one that are related that have passed or as friends who may have passed and are now with us. We were given them out of Love and specific reasons. So ask yourself not if you think your smart enough or good enough; but if you can listen and obey enough. Our Creator (God) or whomever you chose wants everyone to have, Love, Purpose, Direction, Faith, Harmony, and much more. Namaste


Awakening Our Spirituality

Posted by [email protected] on March 12, 2014 at 4:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Dear Friends,

In Life we are on a Journey, we signed up for this when our spirits came to earth in our now Spiritual Soul Bodies. In the Universal World we had no challenges, boundaries, or lessons that must be attended to but here on Earth we do. As we choose to come here for whatever reasons we are to discover there was a template & agreement made before we arrived. We often wonder what, where, when, & why we are here for; when we fail to live up to that agreement we are often given lessons to bring us back to our basic path. Basic Path meaning it can be subject to how we react to things here on a daily basis. We can take the positive road (which may or may not be easy); or we can take the negative road which we will find uncomfortable lessons that can make us feel the darkness that surrounds us. Therefore as Human forms of free will & free spirit we are subject to our own choices.

We can ask our Guides & Angels for assistance of merely believe we have our own best interest. Angels may never interfere in our lives uninvited; therefore we must ask & not expect them for help! Guides also only come as we call upon them. If you wish to know your Angels & Guides names the most direct way is to simply set in a quite meditative state of being, ask who are my guides & angels. The first name that comes to your mind will be one of them. Then continue to deliberately ask, is there any other guides or angels with me? Some of us have a couple, others a few, and still others many. Angels & Guides are a gift from our creator (God or whomever you so choose); they are tools to help us meet the goals & path that was set into motion before we came here for our Human Learning, Teaching, Skills, & Tasks... They make it so much easier for us to illuminate our journey and to show others the way as well..

We cannot awaken to our Spiritual Journey without first having Faith in our creator, secondly Faith in ourselves, & lastly Faith in our Guides & Angels. When we question ourselves we are letting our creator down, as well as ourselves & many countless others on our spiritual path. Who are we to have such enormous egos as to proclaim to know everything about ourselves or another living soul? It borders on the obscene blasphemy that we presume to control everything & everyone around us. Give no other human being control over your spirit for this very reason. None of us have the right to set in judgments of another soul, even ourselves; finally judgments are up to our creator. Our (God) or Creator is a Loving, Omnipotent, Ever Present, All Seeing, All Knowing, Universal Being of the Highest Good to Mankind. Walk through life with the humbleness of heart that these things are true & we are all here equal & your life mission with be in whole sum almost completed. We are brothers & sisters of our Earth & one another. We are Teachers, Students, Wisdom Seekers, Spiritually Born Leaders of True Faith & Enlightenment; the basic of Life’s most necessary joint tasks of Love. Soul Travelers, some have been here before, some are new souls, and some are even re-encartions of Ascended Masters to continue their teachings. Whatever the case may be you are a Miracle of Being, so Spiritually Attune to that Higher Power, & you’re Life Lessons that are Calling.. Namaste



Religion VS Spirituality

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Hello Friends,

In Response to a good friends statement about Religion causing Fear & Prejudice... I am not trying to be harsh but 2 me there are those who follow only religious teachings & walk around with closed minds & hearts; & then there are those who spiritually Loving & Open Minded... I am Spiritual not Religious, & I live by my convictions. We do not need another person to tell us who, how, or what to worship; they are mere mortals not capable of winning the wars within themselves let alone telling others. I need no building, temple, or place to worship; I do so in my Heart 24/7! You bet religious people to me are mindless sheep or drones just following what others say or do or tell them they must... Spiritual people live their beliefs in their hearts with an open mind! I am spiritual in nature & forever seeking to improve myself & follow Gods path for me; however there are many wonderful things in all religions, the Great Saints, Accented Masters, Buddha, Mother Theresa, Dahlia Lama, & more! If we are not open minded we are not learning most are not forgiving, not open to the greater gifts & resources. We are here to Learn, Lead, and Love, Show the Light & then Follow...There is no room for Prejudice, Condemnation, or Unjust Judgments of our Fellow Humans.. Encircle yourselves with True Spiritual Love; it will never lead you wrong. Namaste



Angels & Spirit Guides

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Hello Everyone,

Soon I will be writing & expanding how you can use you psychic abilities more clearly to communicate with your Angels & Spirit Guides. To ask your Angel their name or names as some cases are simply quietly Meditate & ask them. Usually a name will come to you & that is their name. I suggest you look up the meaning of that name as well. Create an Altar for communications with your Angels & Guides; this can be very small in any corner of any room. I suggest a candle, a smudge shell or pot with some sage for purification, your favorite communicative Crystals; & anything else you personally get the feel for. I have the top 7 Arch Angels incorporated into mine. To Later of expanding your psychic communication & world of no longer a great mystery or misbelieved, giving greater understanding. Namaste



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