Each day is a gift, a day that will never come again. Hope for tomorrow, pray for the day,   let your light shine all of the way! 

          Seeing Wonders by Angels Light, Reverend, Angel Card Reader, Medium, Clairvoyant, Clair-audience, Empathic. Now Certified Angel Realm Reader. 
We are the angels cellphone to your questions & concerns.

                   Students of the Metaphysical Universe & Students of Reiki Healing.

Joining me this journey  on this exciting journey is my wonderful, insightful husband  Ed Robertson "SHAMANIC CARD READER" , Reverend Edward  will be giving Shamanic Readings. See the truth, insight, & gifts that come through from past & present. Light the way so that others may follow. Student of Shamanism and the Universe, with great feel for history. Ed's belief he heard somewhere was, " There are two ways to Lead, one is to Pull the other is to Push", & I Lead by Pulling into consciousness. If a Leader has no Followers then all he is doing is talking a long lonely walk. 

                                               Only Love & Light Live Here...

All of my Life I have been different, but it wasn't until my wonderful husband got me a Reading a Famous Psychic, that I was able to truly embrace it. That was years ago, I was asked  why I feared my calling & talents; after that it was as if someone opened the Golden door for me. Now I am an Angel Card Reader, & student of the Metaphysical Universe! I read my Angel cards for hundreds of people that want divine guidance. Nothing to FEAR but FEAR ITSELF, Fear is false, evidence, appearing, real! My Angels & Guides are in my life daily, & I practice spirituality not one strict religion. I expand to new things & talents all the time; what a Blessing in Life!  

Video's I selected from My Walk of Faith & Love, gotten from Youtube.  And the Angels want us to Discover a New World of Grace, True Love, Knowledge, and Being...  This has come to Enlighten Our World, Our Works, Our Lives. Namaste...

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